Garfield's Robotics team, the Bionic Brains, are coached by Rebecca Nieves.  Students who participate in this program will:

Learn basic physics and engineering skills

Learn a programming language, teamwork, and communication skills

Design, build, and program a WORKING ROBOT!

Have a LOT of fun and compete against other teams in a high energy state championship tournament right here in Clovis!

In addition, this year the team had a marvelous idea of how to make it easier for Clovis residents to recycle.  They created a sticker to go on each recycle bin lid to let residents know what can go into the recycling containers.  The team visited the Clovis City Council to present their project.  The Council members approved their idea, and now each new lid will now come with a hot stamp of the sticker.  The Bionic Brains have worked very hard on this project and are very excited to see their idea implemented.  AWESOME JOB, BIONIC BRAINS!