Athletic Insurance

The California Education Code, Sections 32220 and 32221, requires that nay student of any "Educational Institution" who practices for or participates in any inter-school athletic event MUST be insured for $1,500 of insurance covering the medical expenses of accidental injuries.  This applies to all sports and to all participants of any age.

This mandatory insurance requirement is also extended to students who accompany an athletic team to an extra-mural athletic event and while performing their function as a member of the band, song leaders, yell leaders, etc.

Consequently, students must be excluded from the team and from activites relative to an athletic event unless they have either purchased the school's regularly offered plan, or their parents can assure the District that adequate insurance is in force which meets the requirements of this law.

If you have not purchased the accident plan offered through the school for your child, please click the link below for our insurance verification form.  Please print, complete, and return this form to the Garfield office.  Your child will not be allowed to practice or participate until this form has been completed and returned, or you have purchased the insurance plan offered by the school.  Enrollment forms in this plan will be available in the school office.

Insurance Verification Form

Release of Liability Form

Release of Student to Parent / Guardian After Field Trip / Sports / Activity