Nurse's Office

The Health/1st Aid Office at the Elementary Schools are staffed by non-licensed personnel (health assistants and secretaries) and in some cases, LVNs or non-certificated RNs.  The Visiting School Nurse will visit the school site 1-2 days per week.

The health assistant at Garfield is: Stacy Henderson 327-6877
The school nurse at Garfield is : Kristy Brinkley  327-6877

Nursing Services Handbook 

Management of Medical Conditions at School

If your child has a significant MEDICAL CONDITION (diabetes, severe allergy, asthma, seizures, heart condition etc), please enter this information on Parent Connect and contact the school nurse, Kristy Brinkley,  at the beginning of the school year to make arrangements for us to help you manage your child's care at school. Email is generally the easiest way to contact Nurse Kristy ( she moves frequently from school to school.

For Kindergarten immunization requirements, 1st grade requirements, 7th grade requirements, and medication at school information, please see the Nursing Services website, please click here.

Important Notice: as of January 1, 2016, Senate Bill 277 takes effect and new Personal Belief Waivers can no longer be accepted upon enrollment.  For more information, see: