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Our Staff

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Grade Level



Email address


Main Office

Jennifer Bump


Main Office

Jonathan Slater

T/K - Kindergarten AM

Room K1

Tatelyn Arcelus

Kindergarten AM

Room K2

Jennifer Riley

Kindergarten PM

Room K1

Honey Sullivan

Kindergarten PM

Room K2

Vicky Tamez

First / Second Grade Combo

Room 21

Michelle Gutierrez

First Grade

Room 12

Carrie Hail   

First Grade

Room 23

Lynda Janes

First Grade

Room 10

Tamara Riley

Second Grade

Room 22

Maria Bezerra

Second Grade

Room 26

Eugene Carroll

Second Grade

Room 11

Dara Ramirez

Third Grade

Room 25

Michelle Blount

Third Grade

Room 15

Susan Hoffman

Third Grade

Room 14

Sarah  Lucckesi

Third Grade

Room 24

Terry Webster

Fourth Grade

Portable 55

Lisa Costa

Fourth Grade

Room 42

Tracy Cottle

Fourth Grade

Room 40

Rita Twet

Fifth Grade

Portable 56

Hunter East

Fifth Grade

Room 31

Melissa Nunes

Fifth Grade

Portable 57

Trevor Olin 

Sixth Grade

Room 41

David Dougherty

Sixth Grade

Room 32

Cecilia Flores

Sixth Grade

Room 33

Dale Seamons

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Room 16

Antonina Cardinalli

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Room 20

Lisa Matson

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Room 13

Linda Persons

Resource Specialsit

Room 30

Katherine Knight


Speech Office

Morgan Steward


Speech Office

Debbie Trantham

Choir & Primary Music

Portable 50

Lenora Burkett


Portable 63

Jason Kuyper


Portable 53

John Withrow


 Library Office

Rachel Allen   


 Main Office

Kimberly Salven

Health Aid

 Main Offic

Kay Ounmano

Office Manager

 Main Office

Nancy Sternfels

Student Services

 Main Office

Linda Elia

Plant Supervisor

 MPR Office

Michael Delgado

Cafeteria Supervisor

 Kitchen Office

Sonya Gonzalez

Secretary, Garfield Center

MTU Office

Diane Thompson  

Garfield Center

Portable 51/52

Kate Diaz 

Garfield Center

 MTU #2

Christie Lomier 

Garfield Center

 MTU #3

Carrie O'Keefe 

Garfield Center

 MTU #4

Anita Quiroz 

Library Tech


Cheryl Hedrick

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